​What We Use ! - Masterseal Sealer - Rubber Fortified


Rubber Fortified Coal Tar Emulsion

 For extra protection to extend the life Of ​All Asphalt ,and Provides up to 50% Greater ,​Wear ,and Flexibility to non-Rubberized sealers. 

Prevents Oxidation

 ​Coal Tar shields against the drying action of the sun. its coal tar base prevents ​raveling , cracking ,and ​Deterioration . 

Resists Gas And Oil

 only coal tar sealer protects Asphalt from  destructive softening effects of oils,and solvents. only coal tar  resists gasoline oils, jet fuels ,and  de-ice    
​the Asphalt institute states... "the accumulation of moisture in pavement structures is probably the greatest ​cause  of Asphalt deterioration ,and will cause the pavement distress " coal  tar prevents water seepage into the Asphalt Structures stopping  weather  Damage . 

Beautifies Pavement

 coal tar Sealer has a consistent slate Black Color to restore a clean ,rich ,New -look Appearance to all Asphalt Surfaces. 


 ​coal tar fills surface voids ,leaving a smooth even-textured surface which is easy to clean ,and maintain .